The Product Design and Innovation Laboratory (LCPI, EA 3927) is a research laboratory of Les Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology, whose work is in the field of Industrial Engineering. The three missions of the LCPI (Teaching, Research and Industrial Development) are closely integrated and linked into a single, unifying theme: the optimization of the Design and Innovation Process. Our research activities benefit both from our academic roots and from a strong industrial partnership, which is an important vector of modernity and competitiveness for us.

The LCPI team is multidisciplinary, like the design process: its composition mainly calls upon Engineering, Human and Social Sciences. It has a first-rate technological platform and develops five centers of expertise: Virtual Reality Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing, Innovation / Prospective / Creativity, Usage Analysis, Kansei Engineering as well as Eco-design and Product Life Cycle.

Our research team on Biomimetics
Pr. AOUSSAT Améziane
University Professor and director of the LCPI
Associate professor
Dr. FAYEMI Pierre-Emmanuel
PhD on biomimetics
Dr. GRAEFF Eliot
PhD on biomimetics
LETARD Anneline
PhD Candidate

Laboratoire de Conception de Produits et Innovation (LCPI)
Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology
151, boulevard de l'hôpital - 75013 Paris